About Portland Daycare Centre

At Portland Daycare Centre we introduce the children to the community, its people, and facilities, on a regular basis. The children make regular visits to places such as, pet stores, the library, grocery stores, senior homes and more. We offer a variety of special activity classes such as Music, Dance, Yoga, Taekwondo and more.

We also invite special guests to visit the daycare and setup an orientation with the kids to give them a firsthand view on what they do, such as the Police, Fire Fighters, Taekwondo instructors, Music instructors, Dentists, and more

Whether the children go on a field trip or visitors come by, the children are always exploring and learning about our community

Our centre is committed to providing quality child care services in safe, healthy, developmentally appropriate, and nurturing surroundings. Our focus is to provide a stimulating early care and educational experience which promotes each child’s social/emotional, physical, linguistic, and cognitive development. All children will be valued equally and will feel a sense of security, warmth and love. Portland Daycare Centre is committed to ensuring that each day allows for both planned and spontaneous experiences that result in a positive learning adventure for our children.

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Programs and Goals

At Portland Daycare Centre we believe children are naturally curious and learn best when they are provided the opportunity to explore their world at their own pace.

Through an emergent curriculum we will provide the environment and materials to spark the interest of children in a variety of topics and will allow them to explore those topics in a variety of ways.  Our Early Childhood Educators, through observation, will determine the interests of the children and provide the materials to enhance that interest and challenge the children to “dig deeper” and “discover more”.

Through this exploration we will ensure opportunities for growth in all developmental areas.

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